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Front Walkway Looking a Bit Dull? Here’s How You Can Fix It

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Nowadays, it seems that interior design and renovation are all the rage, with everyone trying to replicate or even slightly transforming their homes into a personal version of a modern Bohemian getaway. For some reason, it feels like the global pandemic has cast a spell on every single homeowner across the world, igniting their passion for starting DIY projects and dipping their toes into the vast ocean known as home design.

While we strongly support this sudden motivation for the improvement of home aesthetics, the vast majority of newcomers are focusing way too much on the inside and aren’t paying attention to the outside, which is what the entire neighborhood sees first. Today, we’ve made it our mission to spark more love for the front yard, starting with everyone’s universal problem — a dull-looking front walkway.

Is the Front Walkway That Important?

Although it may seem small compared with all the other features that make up a front yard, it plays a key role in unifying the entire aesthetic of the home, and it’s also what invites you, your friends, and guests into the house. Sure, it might seem nothing more than just a concrete footpath to keep your shoes from getting dirty. But it’s also your home’s singular red carpet entrance that makes the first impression.

  • Impact on Curb Appeal: To best understand the front walkway’s impact on curb appeal, it’s best we use examples and compare them. On the one hand, we have a beautiful house with a front porch decorated with plants. However, the front walkway has been left unattended, and it’s clear that debris is blocking the path. On the other hand, we have a more traditionally designed home with fewer decorations on the front porch but equipped with a beautiful stone path and well-kept edging. Despite the appeal of the former, the latter will always look more well put together and welcoming.
  • It Doesn’t Take a Lot to Fix: More importantly, the front walkway, despite how much it impacts curb appeal, doesn’t require as big of a budget as a kitchen makeover or renovating your bathroom. It might not be capable of creating forced appreciation threefold, but the investment and return ratio is certainly there and far exceeds any other budget fix you can do. It’s also very accessible and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to accomplish, making it the perfect start for any newbie looking to work on their landscaping skills.

You Need Straightforward Yet Dazzling Complements

Luckily, you wouldn’t need anything outlandish or out of this world to make a front walkway look a million times better; all you have to find are straightforward yet dazzling complements. In fact, some of the improvements can even be accomplished without spending a dime at all, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to make them a reality.

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#1 An Unkempt Yard Is a Disaster

How well kept your front yard looks always goes hand in hand with the front walkway. If the grass remains unruly and the shrubbery is all over the place, don’t expect the front walkway to do you any good. We recommend regular maintenance of your front yard so that any passerby’s gaze isn’t shifted away from your grand entrance. Furthermore, it also helps to edge the footpaths and curbs so you can accentuate the traffic areas.

#2 Earthy Planters and Islands

As far as decorative features go, earthy planters and islands are often the most reliable ways to make the entire front yard come to life. They also help keep the focus on the footpath to the door. In terms of earthy planters, people typically align them right at the porch or even anchor them to surround the walls of your home. Either way, it depends on the layout of the house. For islands, it’s best to stick with one for smaller homes, but it’s also possible to use two or three for spacious areas.

#3 Replace with a New Design

Likewise, if you’re looking to go all the way and are willing to spend a bit more to get your front walkway up to speed, it doesn’t hurt to replace it with a new design entirely and giving your home a fresh new look. From bricks, pavers, and large pieces of cut stone with gravel, there are numerous design options at your disposal that offer a huge step-up from simple concrete. With this project in mind, we strongly recommend renovating and building your carport to match the new design so that the driveway doesn’t feel out of place. Making these additions help create a more homogeneous look to your front yard.

Make Your Front Walkway Look Beautiful

We want to remind everyone that less is more, so don’t go trying to cram every little thing you can because your yard will end up looking like a mess. Your goal is to make your front walkway look beautiful, so don’t let that goal out of sight!

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