Increasing Rental Property Safety This Summer

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Tenants would want to feel they are safe and secure within the property they are renting. Naturally, this responsibility falls to the landlord.

Among the factors tenants highly sought in rental properties is knowing that the property owner or landlord prioritizes their safety. Not only will this make your rental property more attractive, but it also increases the likelihood of tenants renting your property longer.

As summer is finally here, ensuring the safety and security of your rental property is of paramount interest. Burglaries and break-ins are common during the summer months.

The alarming thing is that as opposed to what we commonly believe that burglaries occur during nighttime, it actually happens during broad daylight, usually around noon to 4 in the afternoon.

Given these facts and help maintain the great relationship you have with your tenants, consider putting these measures to your rental property, especially during this summer season.

1. Check Door Security

One of the prime things you can improve in your rental property to ensure its safety and security is to install new and secure external doors. Opt for doors made of solid and heavy-duty materials with a good locking mechanism.

You may also increase door security by installing deadbolt locks, chain locks, and peepholes. An intercom security system is worth investing in if you are renting out several apartment units.

Aside from adding security to your rental property, these measures also help lower your insurance premiums.

2. Keep Entrance Ways Clear

It is crucial to keep entrance ways and pathways clear from any obstructions as these could be utilized by criminals for their nefarious intent. Though plants are a lovely sight, tall hedges and shrubs could be a hiding place for thieves.

Thus, it is best to keep shrubs and hedges trimmed to a minimum. With no hiding place for burglars, they are less likely to target your rental property.

4. Invest in a Security Systemcctv

These days, security cameras are much cheaper and easier to install. To give you and your tenants peace of mind and added security, consider investing in security cameras. It can be placed anywhere from the entrance and staircase to the communal outdoor spaces.

If it can be accommodated by your budget, you may even consider installing a security system. A security system includes not only security cameras but also motion sensors, master codes, and automatic window and/or door locks.

When adding a security system, ensure that your tenants are aware of such.

5. Add Light

Adding lighting around your rental property is a game-changer. Not only does it help in illuminating the pathway and making it easier for you or your tenants when rummaging your purse or pocket for keys, but it also helps everyone living in the property safe.

Criminal activities are deterred in properties that are well illuminated. In fact, this is the cheapest way to prevent crime. All you need to do is invest in extra lights.

6. Ensure Pool Safety

Summer months naturally spell spending more time in the outdoor area of your rental property. If your property has a pool, make sure as well that it is safe and summer-ready. You should have it cleaned to ensure that it is in its prime condition.

Make sure that all the safety signs are visible for tenants to see. Keep the premises also gated with an automatic lock to protect younger residents who might stray in the pool area unsupervised.

7. Undergo Regular Checkup & Maintenance

Safety and security do not only cover outside elements of your rental property. It also means doing critical safety checks of indoor utilities and facilities. This includes doing necessary gas safety checks, cleaning the fireplace, and even checking furniture suitability.

In the UK, having a landlord gas safety certificate helps you keep your tenants safe and secure within their rented properties and compliant with the law.

8. Get Insuredinsurance

Having the right insurance coverage is also very crucial. This helps ensure that your rental property is safe, and it helps lessen the risks of any unforeseen costs that might occur when some incidents happen.

Essentially, there are two types of coverage for landlord insurance. These are property and liability protection. Having both coverages helps a lot in lessening the impact of financial losses.

9. Hire a Property Manager

If you want peace of mind, hiring a property manager is a great choice. A property manager can handle various issues ranging from maintenance, handling any property-related problems, and security maintenance.

Hopefully, these pointers will help you keep your rental property safe and secure even beyond the summer months.

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