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Is It a Good Idea to Expand Your House?

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There may come a time when you would want, or need, to expand your home. You may want to add an extra bedroom for guests or create a game room for your hobbies. Whatever your case may be, expanding your home is a big decision that needs thorough decision-making.

Why Do People Opt to Expand Their Homes?

Although there is always the option of buying a new house, people will always have tendencies to stay in their old homes. This is especially true for those who have been living in their homes for a long time.

This tendency to stay in their old homes maybe because of our abilities to experience place attachment.

Place attachment is essentially defined as a person’s bond for a particular place. This bond is created through time, along with the personal and emotional experiences we have gone through in that particular place. Furthermore, this bond prompts us to commit and be responsible for the outcomes of these places.

If you and your family have been living in your home for a long time now, you have most likely made valuable and irreplaceable memories within this home. For this reason, people, especially those who have been living in one house all their lives, might opt to expand their homes instead of moving.

What Are Common Reasons for Expansion?

There are many possible reasons why homeowners choose to expand their homes. These reasons can be prompted by the different life changes that they go through.

Utility and Necessity

Some expansions are made out of need. One example of this is an extra bedroom made for a new member of the family or a home office for work. A guest room also falls under here. These renovations are made to supply a homeowner’s specific needs.

This is also along the lines of making renovations for utility. An example would be building a garage or a carport for a brand-new car.


Other home expansions are made simply because of the homeowner’s need to have a place for recreation. This can be a mini theatre for family movie nights or a game room to entertain guests.

Patios, balconies, and other outdoor renovations fall under this category since these areas are made specifically for relaxing and recreation.

Ultimately, the goal of these expansion projects is to serve the homeowner’s overall living experience in that house as well as providing avenues for stress relief.


Sometimes, expanding your house to fit your needs is just cheaper than moving into a new home. This applies to everyone who is on a tight budget and is better off expanding their homes. This saves them the hassle of moving to a new home, as well as its added expenses.

For others, home extensions can also be a way to raise their property’s value. Of course, to do this, you have to do the extensions properly.

What You Should Know Before Deciding

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Before deciding to add any extensions to your house, you must consider a few things to make sure you have made a good choice.

Your Goals

First, make sure that this extension is something that you truly need.  Yes, house extensions are a good way to add space to your growing household, but they are also huge commitments that take time, money, and effort. Be sure that the outcome of this renovation will serve the purpose you have in mind.

The Costs

Make sure you can fund the project continuously until it is finished. It would be bad to pause an ongoing renovation because of a lack of funds. Do this by carefully calculating the costs of supplies and labor for the project. Don’t forget to leave a bit of allowance for any emergency expenditures.

The Manpower

If you are not able to do the renovations as a DIY project, make sure to ask for help from good contractors. To ensure the quality of service, you can opt for those who have taken and passed their Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) examinations.

Good contractors can ensure that the expansion is done correctly.

If you decide to push on with your decision of adding extensions to your home, make sure you have checked your rights to renovate your house structures. Your situation may require planning permission to carry those plans out.

Ultimately, we all just want a house that we can call home. A place that can become our safe place and our refuge. So do not take house extensions lightly. They may affect how you live in the few years to come.

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