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When To Renovate Or Remodel: The Facts You Need to Know

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Homeowners sometimes get confused when they are thinking of doing repairs or upgrades to their homes. One reason for it is that they often mix up renovation and remodeling. It doesn’t help that companies like Serenity Kitchen and Bath offer both. Some think that the two are interchangeable, but that is a common mistake. For those who are thinking of fixing their home, here is a look at some essential differences and why you should choose one over the other.

Essential Goals

Remodeling and renovating have very different goals from each other. Renovation fixes everything up. If a kitchen is in bad condition, a renovation will improve it and your quality of life too. You don’t need to do everything; you only need to upgrade it and repair all the things wrong with it. Remodeling can be much deeper. It involves some big changes for the room. For example, you may end up knocking down a wall to expand it or even completely change the room’s purpose. If you are making a decision, then you need to decide what a room needs. Minor damage and some cosmetic problems can require a minor renovation, while a complete overhaul can be the purpose of a remodeling project. Knowing what you want for your home can decide which one to choose.

Required Legal Permits

Many people don’t know it, but extensive construction, even if it is on your property, can require a permit from the local government. This is because some places have building codes. Extensive remodeling can require this. Anything that touches your plumbing and wiring will likely need you to ask for a permit from the local government. They will be looking at your proposed changes and even inspect it when it is done. Without a permit, you might end up being fined. Worse, the changes may end up being faulty and cause problems for you in the future.

Different Budgets

Remodeling and renovating are very different when it comes to how expensive they can be. A simple renovation can be pretty affordable. Some paint and a few replacements can be enough to get the job done. Remodeling is a lot more expensive. At the minimum, remodeling will require major changes to a room. You might have to put in new flooring or dismantle the walls. The expense can cost you a lot, so you have to budget if you want to do some remodeling properly.

Better Return On Investment

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When you plan to make any changes to your home, you should aim to get your money’s worth. Both renovation and remodeling can give you a good return. A simple renovation can impress potential buyers in the future, and you can get a lot more value from it since you spent so little. Remodeling is a lot riskier. You might spend big on a kitchen upgrade, but the value will only increase a bit. Between the two, remodeling is better for long-term investment, while renovating is better if you want an immediate sale in a few months.

DIY Friendliness

Remodeling is not something that you can do on your own. It is a major task that will require expertise in some form. There is also the need for heavy equipment. Many people don’t have that available. Additionally, the amount of work that you will have to do when remodeling is a lot. Doing it on your own would be very difficult. Hiring a contractor to do it is the only option. Renovations, on the other hand, are comparatively easy. You only need a few skills and a bit of help, and you should be able to do it with no worries.

Quicker Results

Your decision on what approach to take might also depend on how long it will take. Most renovations can take a few days. They are not extensive and don’t need any major structural changes. Some even only take a day to do. If you need your home ready to use again, then quick renovations can be a better choice. Remodeling is going to take weeks. Tearing out old flooring installing essential utilities, and more will require a lot of work. If you coordinate well with your contractor, you might be able to lower the time to a week or so, but don’t expect any less than that.

Whether you renovate or remodel, it can be a challenge to do so. You don’t have to make it more difficult by making the wrong choice. The information above should give you a good idea of what you can do to improve your house. Choose wisely so that your house can be a better place to live in.

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