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Let there Be Light: How to Brighten Up Your Store

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Businesses today are becoming more concerned about brand management. Consumers are wiser than ever, and they care more about the brand image before making any transaction. The image of a business goes beyond its visual elements. It’s something that lingers on your customers’ minds every time they think about you or pass by your store. It involves different factors, including the simplest details of your establishment.

If your store is located in a busy district and surrounded by competitors, chances are, you’re fighting your way to get noticed by shoppers or passers by. Signage, window display, wayfinding signs, banners, and murals are common visual tools to inform customers about your business. Other business owners are putting up quality commercial lightning to keep their premises well-lit and draw people’s eyes towards their store.

First impressions still matter when it comes to business. This means the way your store looks can mean the difference between a lost sale or a new customer. Whatever visual technique you’re using, it’s important to keep your store fully illuminated to provide a quality in-store experience for your customers. With this in mind, here are ways to brighten up your store.

Choose the right temperature

One way to create a welcoming ambiance in your shop is the right use of lighting temperature. Lighting has two color themes: warm and cool. Each one has its own benefits, depending on how you use it. Cool lighting temperatures such as cool white bring an illusion of space, while warm lighting creates an image of familiarity and smallness.

So if you’re running a small shop that you want to look and feel larder, use cool lighting. But if you want to promote a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity, choose warmer-toned lighting.

Besides lighting temperature, there are other different types of retail lighting you can play with. First is ambient lighting, which refers to the lighting concept of your store. It builds the overall atmosphere and brings the biggest impact. One example is large light fixtures placed right in the center of your shop, which creates the ambient lighting of the area.

Second is accent lighting, spotlight-type lighting that draws people’s attention to your storefront or window displays. Shoe and bag luxury stores use accent lighting to highlight their product displays.

The last one is the high-activity lighting that illuminates the whole area with bright lights. A traditional lighting concept leaves shops with plenty of shadowy spots and dark corners. High-activity lighting eliminates the possibility that store visitors will miss some of your displays.

Place the right fixtures

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Another way to utilize your lighting strategy is to be mindful of the light fixtures to incorporate into your store. Consider chandeliers, dome lighting, or vintage fixtures to establish an intimate ambiance. Otherwise, select recess, suspended fixtures, or track lighting to build a professional feel.

If your store has dedicated areas, break up the space using different combinations of light fixtures in various parts of the store, such as the entrance, fitting rooms, and payment counter. Still, you need to consider if the fixture matches your product offerings and brand identity.

Brighten up the checkout counter

Just because your customer has reached the checkout counter doesn’t mean their buying journey is already over. Your shoppers still care about the ambiance of your store even if they’re already near the cash register. This area provides an opportunity to remind shoppers why they chose to shop in your store.

Make the final stage of their buying journey worth it by incorporating a brighter atmosphere and focusing on design and even the smallest details. Don’t just focus on lighting, but insert bright elements. For example, a white counter can make the checkout area look bright and spacious. You can also change the packaging using bright-coloured gift boxes or white shopping bags.

Play with colours

Making your store look brighter doesn’t mean it should be heavy on white colours. Experiment with colour palettes to choose which shades fit the current colour scheme of your boutique. Don’t overdo neon colours since most people tend to get dizzy with bright, crazy colours.

One trick is to use the colour matching system to find out which colours blend better. A few bold colours also help for an added accent.

The appearance of your store reflects the values and standards of a business. Having the right look and style gives your brand a unique identity. It is also a deciding factor whether a visitor decides to come in or simply pass by. Take note of our suggestions above to enhance the brightness of your store and keep customers coming!

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