Pandemic Cleaning Personality Types: Which One Are You?

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Look online, and you’ll find hundreds and thousands of personality tests from Enneagram and Zodiac to Myers-Briggs. Any horoscope or personality test that promises to define a person will make anyone buy it. Although most of us don’t take these tests seriously, we find it fun to hear some feedback about ourselves that resonates as true.

Understandably, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven us to discover plenty of new things about ourselves: all the months of staying at home have their way of revealing new habits and mindsets, whether positive or negative. Now that we’re spending more time within the walls of our home, some people have found an obsession with home improvements.

During the lockdowns, people have gathered the motivation to spruce up their living spaces now that their lives revolve within them more than ever. Homeowners are making conscious efforts to clean their upholstery, renovate the kitchen, or enhance their landscape.

In this case, knowing your pandemic cleaning personality can somehow inspire you to be more efficient and to explore new growth opportunities. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the cleaning personalities that emerged during the quarantine and some tips to help you divert your energy to prevent burnout.

The stress cleaner

Quarantine life makes this type of individual extremely bored, causing them to discover a constructive distraction out of cleaning. To keep their mind off from all the uncertainty, they focus on things they can control around the house. This includes the kitchen floors, living area, garden, or any part of the house they can clean.

Either way, these people are channeling all these pent-up stressful energies into organizing and cleaning their space. But these people aren’t just cleaning most of the time; the quality of cleaning gets even better.

Stress cleaners are always yearning for calm amid the chaos. Giving themselves something that keeps them busy is a way to subdue their anxious thoughts. But the problem with this is that taking too much control on cleaning can also cause stress.

Simplifying cleaning habits keeps the process more stress-relieving. Set up cleaning areas around the house where deep cleans are frequent. For example, set up a cleaning caddy in the bathroom to avoid wasting time finding your supplies.

The space-desperate cleaner


Like the stress cleaner, this type of person found themselves cleaning their space more or even better since the quarantine. But their motivation to clean isn’t to reduce stress, but to devote a quiet place to live and work, now that they are always at home.

These individuals have accepted all the changes caused by COVID-19, including the fact that they will be at home most of the time. Instead of ignoring or trying to escape difficult situations, these people are embracing them.

If you’re working from home, you’re likely spending your time creating an organized space to stay focus. But organizing or cleaning can lead to the opposite result. Instead of devoting all your time to create a conducive workspace, try breaking up the chores.

Cleaning the entire house to keep your focus can lead to burnout, which will eventually disrupt your focus. A great tip is to use a targeted technique by focusing only on rooms where you relax or work. List down these hot spots, then make time for its daily upkeep.

The unmotivated cleaner

Unmotivated cleaners are simply those people who can’t muster their energy to organize and clean. They always find themselves busy, tired, or just too lax in making time for the house’s upkeep.

These people have plenty of things going on in their lives right now. This is common among remote workers who can’t balance work, household chores, and parenting. Even if they don’t feel stressed, their minds always seem so occupied. The worse scenario is when they feel too hopeless to even mind about cleaning itself.

You may have heard this a million times, but you must stay kind to yourself. The world is in a difficult place right now. Instead of obsessing over things you cannot do, try thinking about things to keep you relaxed and inspire you to look after your well-being.

Starting small on the cleaning chores will fire up your motivation and spark a bit of joy in your life. Doing at least one chore daily will inspire more positive feelings, causing you to feel skillful and masterful.

Looking after your surroundings, particularly your home, is more critical than ever with the pandemic going on. Now, look around your house and judge the level of cleanliness or mess you’re living with, and then ask yourself: what type of cleaning personality do I have, and am I contented living like this?

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