Your Home: From Dead Investment to High-Value Property

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Seasons and weather changes affect our houses in different ways. Therefore, we must keep track of our home maintenance routine to prevent disasters from happening. If you found yourself wondering how to maintain your home, there are ways you could focus on both your home’s interior and exterior and keep it in top condition.

Roof Maintenance

The roof is the most essentialĀ part of your house’s exterior. It is therefore important that you regularly inspect your roofs and do any necessary maintenance. You could start by trimming that troublesome tree branch that is leaning on your roof, remove any debris and leaves that could facilitate the rusting of your iron roofing sheets, ensure your roof can effectively ventilate your house and finally check your attic for leaks and water stains regularly especially after heavy storms.

Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is a dangerous but essential job when doing home maintenance. Property damage, accidents and even death have occurred when people are fixing or cleaning the gutters; ensure all safety precautions have been taken. Clogged gutters pose a risk to your house, especially during winter. If the rainwater does not flow freely through the gutter, costly repairs will add up due to freezing or rainwater damage. Remove all the debris from the gutters by raking or using a power wash and making sure the downspouts systems are clear.

sprinklers on a lawn

Gardening and Landscaping

Most people have a small front or back yard where they plant a lawn or a garden. It is easy to forget that your lawn, too, deserves regular maintenance to look good and healthy. You could start by mowing your grass level or trimming your flowers and hedges. If you have a big lawn or garden, you should consider hiring someone who offers commercial lawn and landscaping services. The services will include mowing, lawn fertilization, leaf removal, lawn fertilization, tree treatment, pest control, aeration and hedge trimming.

Re-painting Exteriors

As with every home maintenance projects, you must paint your house to give it a sparkling new look. Worn out paint gives your house an old look, and it could expose your siding to wear and tear caused by the elements due to the removal of the protective layer offered by a good paint job. Start by pressure washing your walls or siding to remove dirt and dust. Use a soapy solution first, then rinse with clean water. After washing, paint your house the same color or darker. This makes it easier to lay just one coat than when changing your paint to a lighter color than your present paint color.

Clear Drains

When you notice that your sinks areĀ taking longer to drain or smell of the unpleasant odors, it is clear that your drains need urgent fixing. You could use your straightened coat hanger with a small hooked tip and push it past your drain cover and pull out as much as possible, or you could use the hand plunger to pull out large obstructions. Vinegar and baking soda will also come in handy to help clear your sink.

Final Take

If you want a home that is not a dead investment but a property that could improve your investment placement, then you need to do these things to make sure that you’ll be on top of your real property investments.

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