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Household Chores With Surprising Mental and Physical Health Benefits

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When most of our days are spent working, we may think of household chores as an additional burden, so we tend to skip or delay them. But have you ever felt relaxed in a cluttered room, a messy kitchen, and an unkempt yard? If you’re still restless and moody even at home, then chances are it’s your place’s untidiness to blame.

On the contrary, if your space is clean and organized, you feel more productive, inspired, and happy. But where will you get the energy to pick up a broom if you’re already too exhausted from work?

By knowing the surprising health benefits of household chores, you may be inspired to adopt a more positive mindset while setting to work. Just give yourself time to relax first, then get moving once you’re recharged.

That said, here are the household chores with amazing benefits:

1. Making the Bed

Studies have shown that people who make their beds every morning experience a surge in productivity and a greater sense of well-being. The small accomplishment of making your bed can motivate you to complete more tasks you’ll have for the day. Moreover, this chore may also encourage you to stick to your budget, and help you sleep better at night.

2. Washing the Dishes

Though not a typical favorite chore, washing the dishes turns out to be an effective way to reduce anxiety. Try to pay attention to the fragrance of the dishwashing soap, the temperature of the water, and the feel of the dishes. This form of meditation can lower your nervousness levels by 27%, according to a study.

3. Gardening

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Sprucing up your yard, mowing the lawn, and growing plants, especially flowers and vegetables, are found to lower one’s risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and depression. Indeed, being close to nature helps us unwind, even if our limbs are engaged in work.

But if you have a vast landscape garden, maintaining it all by yourself isn’t advisable as it can get too taxing, especially on hot weathers. Hence, don’t hesitate to call in a reliable¬†summer lawn care and watering service provider so you can just lounge in your patio while a pro tends to your plants.

4. De-cluttering

Getting rid of unnecessary and old stuff in your bedroom, kitchen, and pretty much every space in your home, significantly diminishes stress and anxiety. If you’d have enough time, try to de-clutter your workstation in the office, too. Cleaning can be a form of meditation when you incorporate mindfulness to every step.

Cleaning will also help trim a bit of your waistline. By removing kitchen clutter, you can be more inspired to make healthier meals, especially after realizing how much junk food are stored in your pantry. If you can’t get rid of them, at least you’d be more health-conscious after seeing them!

5. Vacuuming

If you haven’t been working out your core, arms, and legs, vacuuming will give you the opportunity to exercise those muscles again. Plus, with just a sweep of a vacuum cleaner, you won’t likely need the broom and duster again, so it’s quicker and more convenient.

In fact, 30 minutes of vacuuming can have the same effects as 15 minutes of kickboxing. Thus, next time you use your machine, do it with a full range of motion!

6. Cleaning the Whole House

Probably not the one you want to hear, but when you focus on your body’s movements as you scrub surfaces, you’ll feel the burst of endorphins from the sweat you’re producing. Think of those feel-good hormones as a reward for tidying up!

Chores, in general, may not be the most fun thing to do, but like any other activity, finding joy in it isn’t impossible. Blast your favorite music or do it with a friend. Treat it as a form of self-care and you’ll enjoy its many benefits.

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