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Raising Kids Who Care: How to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle at Home

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Kids grow up observing the normal practices we have at home. How we dispose of waste and things we no longer need is something that they take along as they grow up. It is not easy for them to grasp the impact of contacting rubbish removal services or disposal companies to take away all your garbage.

Kids do not fully understand the concept of pollution and landfills. But when you implement environmentally-friendly concepts around the home, you are also teaching kids to become more responsible eco-warriors. Your children become oriented about waste disposal and that most of the things we throw away can endanger other people and animals. More so, your kids can help in reusing, reducing, and recycling in your home.

Some simple practices you can do include the following:

Make Every Day Earth Day

Reducing waste should not only be practiced during Earth day. Simple habits can significantly reduce waste in and out of your home. For instance, bringing reusable shopping bags means you don’t need disposable bags when you buy groceries. Go for products that use the least packaging, and if you can buy in bulk for detergents, shampoo, and other household items. Likewise, before buying anything, check out what you have around your home first.

Reuse What You Have

Instead of disposing of items immediately, check if you can reuse for other purposes. Refillable containers such as soap containers and water bottles can be reused. If possible, purchase items that you can use for a long time such as mugs, flatware, and napkins instead of paper cups or plastic utensils.

Be creative in reusing items that you easily throw away otherwise. Craft projects with kids using old linens, empty containers, boxes, paper towel rolls, and others. Moreover, encourage your kids to mend clothing and repair their toys. You can also donate or sell stuff you no longer need.

Recycle Items Around the Home


Many items we have at home are recyclable. These items can be made into other products. Many locales hold recycling drives on a specific day of the week. During this time, you can bring recyclable items like steel, glass, paper, and plastic. You may also sign up for your recyclable items to be picked up by a local recycling center or you can just drop them off. Take the kids with you when you drop the items so that they will have an idea about this endeavor.

Raising kids who are concerned about the planet and the future can be an easy feat if you practice and observe eco-friendly habits at home. There are so many ways for you to reuse, reduce, and recycle your waste items. Sometimes, you don’t really need to buy a lot of stuff which only ends up accumulating dust in the attic. Start small by opting to buy reusable items than disposable ones, reduce your waste, and try to recycle things around the house. Teach your kids while they are young how they can participate in the shift to become eco-warrior whether at home or in school.

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