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How to Improve Your House’s Privacy

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The internet has turned us all into public figures. Everyone knows who you hang out with, what you had for lunch, and basically what goes on in your head. Using your personal data, the internet has even made it possible to predict your online behavior, giving it the power to influence your decisions. As a result, individual privacy has become a point of contention. Some consider it a human right. Others think of it as collateral damage for the convenience you get to enjoy from online technology. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, one thing’s clear. Online, you are seen. Whether you like it or not, it’s beyond your control.

What’s within your control is your level of privacy offline. For example, here are ways to safeguard the privacy of your home.

Install one-way mirrors

You cannot go wrong with one-way mirrors. You get to see what’s happening outside. But those outside have no clue what’s going on inside your house. If someone’s out there snooping around behind some bushes, you would know.

Take it a step further with privacy mirrored windows. These offer more than just privacy too. They prevent excess sunlight and glare from entering your house. That’s practical if you are working from home and you want to see your computer screen’s activity from any angle.

Ideally, you have your windows strategically placed, considering the street view and placement of nearby houses. But that’s something you get to do before building the house.

Get rolling with roller blinds

Roller blinds are a little old school. But they’re still prevalent. That’s because they are dependable. And affordable to boot. Plus, you have many options to choose from in terms of textile and color.

You can even install roller blinds that look like a solid curtain when rolled up. It’s easy to match these blinds to your house’s overall aesthetic.

As for your house’s privacy, with roller blinds, you flick a switch, and that’s it. Whoever’s outside looking in won’t have anything to see anymore. Now, if you want some Vitamin D to seep into your house, roll them up and it’s all sunshiny inside the house again.

Go green

By going green we mean planting all sorts of greenery around your house. This is the best option if you’re the type who prefers all things organic. But you might have to wait a few months before your privacy protection becomes fully operational. After all, plants don’t grow overnight.

However, once they’re fully grown, your garden will obstruct the view of your house’s interior. That is on top of making your property look pretty. For the sake of prettiness, incorporate flowering plants into your privacy-garden.

Build a fence

Consider this the traditional way when it comes to maintaining privacy in your home. The higher and thicker the fence, the better. That means you can’t go wrong with a brick fence. However, that might cost you an arm and a leg.

Thankfully, there are other affordable options available. Think wrought iron and treated wood. Iron and wood fences come in a variety of styles. It will be easier to match them with your house’s design compared to a brick fence.

Put up exterior CCTVs

Even a dummy CCTV camera will do the job. It will drive ill-intentioned people away from your property. Install them if you can.

Place them where they are most visible. Consider the main posts of your gate. Or if you don’t have a gate or a fence, install them near your front door.

Now, if you have the budget for real CCTV cameras, the better. You can access recordings from those cameras from wherever you are. Even if your house is deserted, you will have peace of mind. A few clicks on your smartphone will let you see the goings-on within your property.

Privacy is not just an issue for celebrities. Even an ordinary person living an ordinary life deserves it. At least if that’s what you prefer over over-exposure. So do not feel guilty if you want to safeguard yours.

Once you’ve taken care of the privacy of your home, by all means, take your efforts online. For example, be more attentive when it comes to what personal data is collected by the sites and apps you frequent. If you have the option to personalize your allowed data access, do so. Think of it as reclaiming your autonomy. That is away from the algorithm whose sole purpose is to make a business out of you.

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