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How People in Brisbane Should Prepare for Winter 2020?

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People in Brisbane have only a few months left to prepare themselves for the coming winter. The question is, what should they do and remember? This query is even more relevant at a time when everything else feels uncertain.

For those who live in Queensland, here’s how to make winter bearable:

1. Get That Carport Up

Installing or maintaining carports in Brisbane may need to be a year-round activity, but it’s more necessary during the coldest season. Winter can be damaging to vehicles when they don’t have enough protection.

They may thicken the oil and antifreeze or turn the fluids of the wiper into slush. These days, carports may already have insulation to help keep the vehicle as warm as possible.

Carports are also helpful for the boating industry, which already had a value of $8.28 billion, according to the Boating Industry Association. They can accommodate bigger vessels that owners may have to park for a while during winter.

2. Continue Practising Physical Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic has already reached Australia, and unfortunately, it’s unlikely to disappear within the next few weeks. In fact, it may linger for months with worse outcomes unless everyone participates in physical or social distancing.

What does this distancing mean? It implies that people should learn to avoid non-essential gatherings. These may include celebrating Christmas parties, eating out more frequently, or taking holiday breaks. Instead, they may go out only for food shopping or work.

They also need to maintain a safe distance with one another, which is about 1.5 metres away. Everyone may have to wear a mask when they go out.

People in Brisbane may learn to cope with longer physical or social distancing in the following ways:

  • Organise virtual parties or get-togethers with families and friends more often.
  • Encourage the company to sustain work-from-home arrangements until the government ends physical distancing measures.
  • Stock up on hygiene products, such as hand sanitizers, soaps, and masks. Note, though, that it’s not advisable to hoard these.
  • Consider grocery shopping twice a week.

3. Watch Out for the Flu Season

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Besides the coronavirus pandemic, Australians have to prepare for the flu season. It usually runs during the entire winter, although it peaks around August.

Contrary to popular belief, cold temperatures alone are not the primary reason for an uptick of the illness. During winter, people tend to congregate to keep each other warm. It means it’s easier for the virus to spread among groups. The chilly season may also lower the humidity, which helps create a perfect environment for the pathogen to thrive.

Winter may also limit the exposure of people to sunlight, which is essential in producing vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin may strengthen a person’s immunity so that the body can fight viruses and bacteria better.

Before winter, people in Brisbane may consider doing the following:

  • Get a flu shot now before more drop by the clinic to get theirs.
  • Invest in a sunlamp, which helps mimic sunlight. It may be especially helpful for people prone to feel the winter blues.
  • Buy a good vitamin D supplement. They may ask for recommendations from their GP.

The winter season arrives with more than just colder temperatures. It may also increase the damage to vehicles or the risk of catching the flu. The coronavirus pandemic adds more health challenges. The only way to deal with all these is to prepare before winter comes.

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