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Four Ways to Protect Your Home During The Winter

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Winter is getting worse because of climate change. In the United States, the Northeast is getting hammered with more Nor’easters than usual, and parts of the Midwest are dealing with bomb cyclones.

Nor’easters are a type of winter storm that forms off the coast of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. They are usually accompanied by high winds, heavy rain or snow, and sometimes coastal flooding.

Climate change is making these storms worse for several reasons. First, the Arctic is warming at a rapid pace, which is disrupting the jet stream. The jet stream is a river of air flowing west to east around the Northern Hemisphere. It helps to keep cold air in the Arctic and warmer air in the southern United States.

But the Arctic warms, weakens the jet stream, and makes it wavier. That can cause cold air to dip down into the southern United States and warm air to head north into the Arctic.

This happened in early January 2018, when a bomb cyclone hit the Northeast. The jet stream dipped down so far south that it brought Arctic air with it, causing record-low temperatures in some parts of the country.

These are the main reasons why you should protect your home during winter. Here is some way you can do precisely that.

Use Robust Insulation

People can no longer ignore the need to insulate their homes against the cold. This is because agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy are now making it a requirement. In addition, the agency has set new standards that all insulation must meet to be effective.

The type of insulation you will need depends on the climate you live in and the age of your home. If you live in an older home, you might consider upgrading to a newer type of insulation, such as spray foam or blown-in cellulose.

These types of insulation are much more effective than the old fiberglass batts used in the past. They will also make your home more energy-efficient, saving you money on utility bills. However, the best insulation right now is made of rockwoolRobust rockwool insulation panels are the best in the market because they are sustainable, fire-resistant, and very effective in keeping homes warm. It’s the best choice for anyone who wants to protect their home from harsh climates. Furthermore, it’s affordable and easy to find.

Check Your Heating System

Your heating system is one of the most important things to watch during winter. You don’t want it to break down when you need it most. So, have a professional check it before winter starts.

Make sure they clean the ducts and change the filters. This will help the system run more efficiently and prevent dust or allergens from circulating through your home.

You should also consider upgrading your heating system if it’s over ten years old. Newer systems are much more efficient than older ones. In addition, they use less energy and can save you money on your utility bills.

If you live in an area with frigid winters, you might want to invest in a backup heating system. This way, you’ll always have heat even if the power goes out. Backup heating comes in many forms, such as wood-burning stoves, kerosene heaters, or propane heaters.

Use Storm Windows

Another way to protect your home during winter is to use storm windows. Storm windows are additional windows you put on top of your regular window. They are usually made of clear plastic or glass, and they help to seal out the cold air.

You can buy storm windows at most hardware stores, which are relatively easy to install. Just make sure that you measure your windows before buying the storm windows to get the right size.

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Block Drafts with Caulking

One of the main ways that cold air gets into homes is through cracks and gaps around doors and windows. This is why it’s essential to caulk any cracks or gaps you might have.

Caulking is a sealant that you can apply to cracks and gaps. It’s available at most hardware stores and is relatively easy to use. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the package.

You can also use weather stripping to seal gaps around doors and windows. Weatherstripping is a material you can attach to the edges of doors and windows. It’s available at most hardware stores and easy to install.

Winters are getting a lot worse in the United States, and one of the best things you can do is to protect your home from it. You can rest assured that your home will be well-protected against the cold by doing the above tips. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Instead, start preparing your home for winter now.

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