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Comfort-improving Home Maintenance Hacks

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If you ask anyone to describe their childhood home, it’s often described as “cozy” or “homely”. But if you ask them to describe their current one, it’s usually met with remarks like “needs cleaning” or “disorganized”. It could be just nostalgia speaking, but many people don’t find their own home comfortable.

And this is concerning. After all, our home is our oasis. A place where we should feel most comfortable. But keeping a home comfortable isn’t a particularly easy job. It involves a lot of cleaning and a conscious effort to maintain it. Yet, despite all the hard work involved, it’s worth it. Nothing beats going home to a comfortable house where you can sit back, take a deep breath, and just relax.

Here’s how to make your home more comfortable:

Eliminate Bad Odor, Introduce Fresh and Homely Scents

A lot of our discomfort comes from the fact that the room has strong scents. It doesn’t have to be a particularly bad smell either. The strong smell of detergent, powerful air fresheners, or even the smell of cooking food wafting in the air- these are all contributors to feelings of heaviness and oppressiveness in our own house.

Be sure to maintain proper circulation so that the bad air gets pulled out and fresh air always comes in. You can also introduce comfortable scents by using potpourris, oil diffusers, and scented candles. They’re a convenient addition that won’t break the bank and are definitely worth trying if you’re eager to make your home more comfortable.

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Add Life Into Your Home using Indoor Plants

A simple trick to add a layer of comfort to your home is by having indoor plants. It’s a nice way to create an ambiance of coziness and comfort, especially in areas where it feels rather drab or gloomy. An added benefit to using indoor plants is that they can even help purify the air you breathe and even potentially get rid of toxins. You can choose which indoor plants you use, customizing what you get to really fit the theme of your home.

Put succulents on tabletops, leafy plants beside windows or doors, or even hang some manageable vines in your ceiling. Indoor plants are heaven-sent when it comes to introducing that homely feel to any interior.

Don’t Neglect Repairs and Maintenance

To completely improve your comfort, you want to not be bothered by the small things. Small things being minor inconveniences such as items that need minor repairs. It’s easy to neglect when something small is broken since we don’t exactly feel it, but overlooking these things tends to let it deteriorate and become worse over time. Never overlook what needs repairing! Do them as early as you possibly can.

Don’t forget to replace your rain gutters as they can lead to accidents and dangers, especially if they’re filled with debris. If your roof is leaking, don’t wait till the next rainy season to repair it. Living comfortably requires work, and most of that work is in prevention. So never overlook repairs, no matter how small it may seem.

Don’t Be Afraid of Lighting

Compare professionally designed interior spaces to the ones you have now. See the difference? If you have a keen eye, you’ll most likely notice that designer homes have a lot of lighting fixtures. There’s lighting on the molding, on the wall, on the ceiling, and there’s even accent lighting in certain areas of the room. This is because lighting can quite literally dictate how your room is going to feel.

If you want to be able to control the ambiance of your room, consider utilizing lighting. For one, opening your windows during the day to let natural light in immediately makes your house feel livelier and cheerful. But at night, what you can do is use standing lamps on the corners of your house to add a bit more depth to it. You can also use small wall lighting to create a sense of space, as well as to guide you when navigating in the dark.

Keep It Clean and Organized

The easiest way to make your house more comfortable is to simply declutter. Pick up your things, put them back where they belong, or create an entire system that will let you stow them away from sight. A clutter-free living area is a hundred times more comfortable than one that’s filled with litter and things you don’t need. You won’t feel overwhelmed, and your space will feel larger. So start cleaning up, you’ll feel better immediately afterward.

Coziness and comfort are hallmarks of a good home. But it takes consistent work, and that’s why you should start now.

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