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Your Bathroom Needs a Makeover: The Improvement Projects to Tackle

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The bathroom is an essential part of a home, even in contention as the most vital room for people. Homeowners require the space to stay refreshed and comfortable. Bathrooms even have direct ties to a person’s approach to health. Because of its importance, the room has to be available at all times. As a result, you might not have the opportunity to renovate it.

The bathroom received plenty of upgrades that turned the room into a more coveted home space. Unfortunately, that means your renovation-free area might be an outdated version. If there is an option to improve the bathroom, you should grab the chance. However, homeowners must be quick because they might not have another space to use the toilet or shower. Here is a breakdown of how the bathroom makeover should go in terms of the standard for modern homes.

Tile and Wall Upgrades

If you want the transformation to be visible immediately, the walls and floor will be your utmost priority. Almost 90% of the bathroom consists of tiles because of its water-resistant properties. The design prioritizes functionality, and you might feel hesitant to change them. However, your tiles might no longer be in the ideal condition. If that is the case, renovating the walls and floors might be your best option. The improvement project allows you to enhance your bathroom and make the design suitable for modern standards. You also have an opportunity to introduce natural materials to the area. Marble and granite are two practical choices that offer any homeowner with design flexibility. However, the project will render the bathroom unavailable for use, making it necessary for you to find alternatives. Most homes have more than one bathroom, making the renovation project convenient. If you only have one, asking a favor from your neighbor might be your most practical choice.

Replacing Outdated Fixtures

Changing the walls and floors might be your top priority for the bathroom renovation, but your fixtures will dictate your plans. The toilet, sink, and shower are all essential to the bathroom, and they might retain their place due to pipe placements and complications. As a result, homeowners must adjust their creative plans to the fixtures. However, the renovation projects give you a chance to enhance the bathroom. If the fixtures feel outdated, it might be time to get a new one.

Toilets, sinks, and showers can last a lifetime, even when requiring constant maintenance and repairs. However, you might be missing out on upgraded versions with advanced features. Modern toilets come with electronic controls that make expelling waste convenient for the average homeowner. Showers evolved from being functional stalls to spacious and luxurious environments. The technological changes almost make new bathroom fixtures worthy of investment. The purchase makes even more sense when you factor in the constant expenses tied to maintenance and repairs.

Prioritizing Space

The bathroom renovation project gives you a chance to adjust it according to your comfort levels. Space plays a critical factor in that aspect, especially since most initial bathroom designs seem to fit all fixtures in a space smaller than most rooms.

There are two ways you can go about the space-enhancing project. The first is expanding the room, which might affect the nearby areas. The second option does not necessarily enhance the space but uses hidden storage and smaller fixtures to create a more spacious layout. Making room for more space can improve the comfort level of your bathroom. Both options present practical paths for the transformation you want to pursue. However, it can be challenging to accomplish it by yourself. If you are not confident with your skills, hiring an interior designer should be your next step.

Adding a Bit of Vanity

Modern bathrooms aim to provide a perfect blend of functionality and relaxation, the latter being less of a priority in the past. Comfort seems like second nature to taking a shower or expelling body waste, but it doesn’t mean people will remain satisfied with the bare minimum. The bathroom can provide homeowners with a room where beauty and health become a priority. The basics (shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and toothbrush) are non-negotiable products. However, people’s needs for cosmetic, facial, body, and dental care should also be present in the modern bathroom. Even bath salts can justify their presence inside it for people’s comfort during bathtime. Fortunately, homeowners can purchase vanity products to enhance the area. Bathrooms will also benefit from mirrors, scented candles, and entertainment systems, providing a more relaxing atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Most homeowners will not consider bathroom renovations because the existing design already provides them with the functions they require in life. However, there is nothing wrong with creating a more comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. After all, you will be spending a lot of time there within the day, making the renovation project worth the wait.

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