What to Watch For If Your Foundation Starts to Shift

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Unfortunately, a shifting foundation is a big deal and could destroy your home or other property. You should keep a close eye out for any red flags that might indicate a foundation problem. If things pop up, you’ll want to contact foundation repair experts quickly. The difference between affordable and simple repairs and having to tear down or extensively renovate a property is often time.

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Foundation problems can be somewhat common because many homes will settle over time. This means that they may sink deeper into the ground. Unfortunately, this can result in cracks, leaks, and various other issues. How can you spot foundation issues? Doors may no longer close properly, your roof line could bend in strange ways, walls might bow outward, and many other things could act as a warning. It’s wise to have your home inspected from time to time.

Foundation issues are often caused by water. So, if you live in a wet climate, you should pay extra close attention. If your gutters aren’t removing water or your home is otherwise exposed to standing water on a regular basis, it could cause foundation issues. Should that be the case, you’ll want to talk with experts who specialize in protecting and repairing foundations right away. The sooner you act, the quicker you can mitigate serious risks.


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