Signs You Need to Contact a Local Septic Company

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As a homeowner, you’ll need to keep up with home maintenance. One of the biggest things people forget is their septic tank. When a septic tank isn’t properly maintained, there can be many problems. Luckily, the YouTube channel Ask About Insights has crafted a video to help you know when you need a specialist.

Do All Homes Have Septic Tanks?
It’s important to note that not all homes, especially in the United States, are equipped with septic tanks.

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In fact, it’s estimated that only about 25% of homes have them. If you’re unsure about your property’s septic system, it’s time to check your property records. This knowledge can help you to understand your home better and take the necessary steps for its maintenance.

How Often Should You Check Your Septic Tank?
Homeowners should make it a point to check their septic tank at least every three years. This not only ensures that there are no issues like over-pumping or clogging, but it’s also a legal requirement. By staying informed about your state’s laws, you can stay on top of your home’s maintenance, avoiding any potential fees or violations. This knowledge empowers you to be a responsible homeowner. 

There are many signs that your septic tank needs to be checked. Contact a local septic company to address any issues and maintain your home.

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