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Maximizing Your Home Value: The Impact of Backyard Landscaping

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  • American backyards, now larger than before, offer valuable space for outdoor activities and home value enhancement.
  • Neglected landscaping, poor drainage, and aged hardscaping negatively impact your home’s value by suggesting poor maintenance.
  • Pests and unappealing outdoor features signify poor upkeep and can potentially decrease a property’s market value.
  • Enhancements like patios, plant additions, fire pits, and pathways can significantly improve backyard aesthetics and home value.
  • Regular backyard maintenance boosts your home’s value and provides a space for outdoor family activities.

As a homeowner, your backyard is an extension of your living space that you should take pride in. However, you may not realize that your backyard can directly impact the value of your home. With a poorly maintained backyard, you risk lowering the value of your property, which can negatively affect your investment. Here’s a look into American backyards, how your backyard can ruin your home value, and ways to improve your backyard.

American Backyards Today

It’s estimated that the average size of American backyards has reached 23,000 square feet. This is a huge difference from the 1970s when the average backyard was just 600 square feet. With larger backyards, homeowners have more space to enjoy outdoor activities with their family and friends. It’s also an opportunity to add value to your home by turning it into a beautiful oasis.

How Your Backyard Can Ruin Your Home Value

There are various ways your backyard can affect your home value. Here are some of those ways:

1. Neglected Landscaping

A messy, overgrown yard is the most obvious way your backyard can ruin your home’s value. Unruly lawns, overgrown weeds, and untrimmed bushes are all signs of a lack of care and attention to your outdoor space. A neglected landscape could make potential buyers think the home has also been poorly maintained.

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2. Poor Drainage

A poorly drained backyard can be a cause of a lot of problems. Water can seep through foundations, damage walls, cause mold, and make your property structurally unsound. Without proper drainage, your home may be vulnerable to flooding and other water-related issues, which could severely impact your home’s value.

3. Dated and Broken Hardscaping

Old and worn hardscaping features can make your backyard feel dated and uninviting. Broken paths, patios, and outdoor kitchens can also create a dangerous outdoor environment. Hardscaping that needs fixing can give a sign that there is deferred maintenance in the house.

4. Presence of Pests

Pests such as termites, bees, and rodents can cause significant damage to your home and backyard. Pests can be a sign of poor upkeep and can negatively affect a home’s value. For example, termites can destroy wooden decks and trellises and ruin organic materials like your garden, making it unattractive for potential buyers. Regularly schedule regular maintenance and pest inspections to keep your backyard safe.

5. Unattractive Features

Certain backyard features such as pools, fences, or outdoor structures could be more of a burden than a benefit if designed poorly or simply outdated. An old, stained pool or fence or an outdoor structure in an eyesore condition will not be attractive to buyers, and they may consider it a liability they’ll need to fix before moving in.

Improving Your Backyard

Thankfully, there are ways you can improve your backyard. Here are four ways:


A home extension can do a lot for your home value. A patio is a great way to have extra outdoor living space, making your backyard look larger. It’s also versatile; you can use it for dining, relaxing, or entertaining guests. To build one, consider hiring local patio builders to do it for you. They can do the job quickly and safely so you can enjoy your newly renovated backyard.

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Add Plants

Adding plants to your backyard can make it look more vibrant and inviting. Consider adding a variety of low-maintenance trees, shrubs, flowers, and foliage that will thrive in your climate zone to create an outdoor paradise! Adding native plants also benefits local wildlife as they provide food and shelter.

Install a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard and can be used year-round for warmth, light, and entertainment. It’s also a great place for gatherings with family and friends during the summer or winter when temperatures drop. Adding one could also increase your home’s value since it adds a unique feature to your outdoor space.

Pathways and Walkways

Installing pathways and walkways in your backyard is an effective way to add character to the landscape. It can also increase accessibility since you won’t have to worry about stepping on muddy or wet ground. Plus, a pathway can help create separation between different areas of your yard to create unique and inviting spaces.

By following these tips, you can transform your outdoor space into a landscaped paradise that adds value to your home. Taking the time to care for your backyard is an investment in your property and lifestyle – so don’t neglect it! Not only will it make your home more valuable, but it’ll also be a great place to enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends.

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