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Make Your Home Vintage-Themed By Following These Tips

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Vintage refers to a look or style that is considered old-fashioned or dated. That doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy and appealing, in any case! Every year, pieces of vintage fashion styles are coming back into the trends. Not just that, some people like to collect vintage kitchen appliances, furniture, and other home decor items.

This brings us to our topic; making your home vintage-themed. Interior designs and architectures of the 50s or 60s are significantly different from contemporary designs and styles. But if you know how and where to take inspiration from, it would be much easier for you to recreate that vibe in your home.

If you’re ready to transform your home into a vintage paradise, here are tips on making your home vintage-themed without making it look like a relic from the past.

Use bright colors in your home decor

One of the most defining features of vintage home decor is the usage of bright and bold colors. This was a common trend back in the 50s and 60s as people were trying to experiment with new looks. Bright colors were bolder back then, so don’t be afraid to use them in your home.

You can use these colors as accents or go for a complete paint job. Just make sure that the colors you choose reflect the era you’re trying to emulate. For example, if you want to go for a 50s vibe, use bright pinks, yellows, and oranges. Use earth tones and pastels if you’re going to go for a 60s vibe.

So, if you want to give your home that vintage vibe, consider using lots of color in your decorations. Just make sure that the colors you choose go well together and don’t clash.

Add some floral prints to your décor

Floral prints were popular in the 50s and 60s, so adding them to your home will give it a touch of that vintage vibe. You can put on floral wallpaper with designs like those you see on Gertie patterns or use floral-patterned fabrics on your furniture and pillows.

You can also frame vintage floral prints and hang them up on your walls. Not only this will add color and life to your home, but it’ll also give it that authentic vintage look.

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Use furniture with curves

Furniture in the 50s and 60s was designed with more curves and natural shapes than what we see today. Chairs and couches had more rounded edges, and tables had legs that were thinner and tapered.

If you want to add some vintage flair to your furniture, consider buying or finding pieces with curves. This will instantly give your home a more retro look. You can go to thrift shops and antique stores to find some vintage furniture. Just make sure that the pieces of furniture still match the overall style of your home. Otherwise, it’ll look out of place.

Hang some old posters or artwork on your walls

Posters and artwork from the 50s and 60s can give your home that extra vintage touch. The 60s was a defining moment for Art Noveau and Psychedelic-themed posters. Artists have emerged during that era, such as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein. If you can get your hands on some of their artwork, it’d be perfect for hanging up in your home.

If you don’t want to spend money on posters or artwork, you can also find some old advertisements or magazine covers. You can always search for old posters and prints online or at garage sales if you don’t want to go out and buy new art. Just make sure that the art you choose reflects the era you’re trying to create.

Use old-fashioned light fixtures

Light fixtures from the past were often more intricate and elegant than the light fixtures we have today. Replacing some of your current light fixtures with old-fashioned ones can give your home vintage charm. Start with those inside your home, especially the ones lighting your centerpieces. Your lamposts outside can also be transformed into vintage-looking beauties. Put a vintage twist into your motion-sensitive outdoor lamps by putting them inside an intricately-designed lamp housing. Just make sure that they fit the overall style of your home and that they’re in good condition. If not, you can always have them restored to look brand new.

The 50s and 60s were eras of great style, and you can bring that back into your home by following these simple tips. With just a touch of vintage flair, you can create a stylish and comfortable space. So get inspired and start creating your own vintage home today!

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