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Your Living Room’s Carpet Flooring Is Long Overdue For A Replacement

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Home renovations have been on the rise these past few months, and we can’t help but support this surging trend of homeowners trying their hand at remodeling their rooms, making excellent additions to their space, and maximizing the beauty of their properties. In fact, the whole renovation craze has gone so far now to the point wherein we have DIY enthusiasts worried about investing in projects that could potentially devalue their homes.

However, if there’s one major concern about all the home projects taking place left, right, and center, then that issue would most definitely go to the massive oversight of the living room’s carpet flooring that’s seen better days. And while we understand that you might still have your hands busy with whatever weekend projects you planned before, we want to emphasize that there’s a sense of urgency associated with carpet flooring that’s still installed way past its recommended lifespan.

Carpet Floorings Are Great, But They Don’t Last Forever!

We love carpets just as much as the next home improvement buff, and considering the level of comfort and quiet it can provide to a busy household, its popularity is a given despite magazine catalogs constantly showcasing natural stone and marble. However, we’re also giving carpet floorings too much credit if we think they can last a lifetime, and if it’s been there since you moved into the house, it’s time you consider a replacement.

  • A Lifespan Of Five To Fifteen Years: Normally, your standard carpet flooring has a life expectancy of around five to fifteen years, and depending on the foot traffic and activity in the living room, yours could definitely lean toward the shorter end. Therefore, if you didn’t move into the house newly constructed and bought it off someone else, then the current carpet flooring inside your living room might actually be a bit more dated than you’d like. And because carpeting can also be a reservoir for allergens, you could be unconsciously keeping a health risk at home.
  • Stains And Smells Don’t Leave Easy: If you love to have food on the couch while watching the game or have a furry friend that runs around the living room, then, chances are, your carpeting is riddled with various stains and smells. And while many would argue that there a simple fixes to getting rid of them and making the carpet look brand new, these fixes are just not sustainable because stains and smells, over time, won’t leave easy. So, unless you’re gunning for that run-down aesthetic and college dorm vibe, getting a replacement is a must.
  • General Wear And Tear: Let’s also not forget that general wear and tear can and will do a number on the overall quality of your carpeting, and apart from looking shabby, its perceived benefits might’ve already kicked the bucket because the padding has flattened. And considering that we’ll be spending way more time at home, bad carpeting will only stress you out more than necessary when you’ve already got work and other responsibilities on your plate. Therefore, we strongly recommend saving yourself the trouble and making the shift ASAP.

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Moreover, Don’t Limit Yourself To Carpet Floorings Alone.

While we’ve hummed to the tune of carpets, since we’re already touching base with home renovations and remodeling, remember that carpet floorings aren’t the only available material out there. And if you’re looking to change things up or want to give your living room a fresh new look moving forward, now’s your chance to look into the various floor-fitting solutions you could try.

  • Quality Hardwood Is Worth Every Penny: While quality hardwood is a bit more expensive compared to carpet floorings, they’re definitely worth every penny you invest because of how easy they’re to maintain and the aesthetic they can provide. Besides their durability and longer lifespan, quality hardwood flooring adds to the overall property value in the long term.
  • Ceramic Tiles Are Functional And Chic: If you’re looking for something a bit more classy and chic, then ceramic tiles are an excellent flooring solution for very humid environments. It’s very durable, just like hardwood, and is a lot more stain and water-resistant given the nature of the material. It’s a bit cheaper than quality hardwood compared to more exotic options and very easy to replace if cracks start to show.

Of Course, There’s Nothing Wrong With Getting Carpet

Nevertheless, there’s nothing inherently wrong with going back to the good-old carpet, and if you’re not necessarily looking for a new style, then, by all means, choose what satisfies your needs. At the end of the day, what’s most important is getting a replacement, and whichever materials and flooring solution you go for is all up to you.

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