How to Protect Yourself During a Mold Inspection

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As this video from ABC News shows, not every mold inspector operates honestly. Your home may not have mold, but an inspector may try to convince you differently. How do you protect yourself when an expert lies? Read on to learn a better way to handle obtaining a mold inspection.

Whether it’s mold or another household project, obtaining three or more quotes from reputable contractors betters your chances of getting honest replies from each.

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Use a website like the Better Business Bureau to investigate each company before you call them for an inspection and estimate. Avoid sites like Angi and Thumbtack for mold inspection because those platforms don’t require contractors to maintain licensing.

Consider using an objective party for the inspection, such as a home inspector who conducts inspections for home sales. This individual does not perform mold abatement but will tell you if they found mold in your home. That knowledge leaves you open to hiring a mold abatement specialist.

Compare the quotes for the abatement procedures. Ask for details about each method of abatement, then follow up with online research, so you know what each company wants to do. This online research will also enable you to learn about the best methods for mold abatement.

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