How to Clean a Kitchen Exhaust Hood Start to Finish

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Have you been prowling the internet for tips on how to clean a kitchen exhaust hood? Perhaps you are looking for hood vent cleaning services. You have landed on the right article. In this video, cleaning technician Dustin Fennel shares some valuable tips on how to clean the hood.

Dustin advises viewers to start the process by spraying cleaning chemicals first.

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While spraying your cleaning products, keep an eye on how much water is inside. As you spray the chemicals, always ensure to start with the dirty parts of the kitchen exhaust hood first and foremost.

Once you spray the products, the next step will be to rinse. It helps to knock off all the dirt. Dustin cautions that rinsing can get messy, so consider wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and wearing gloves for your protection. To get the best results, you need to rinse the hood thoroughly.

Then, dry the hood and shine it. The goal is to knock off water and ensure it is as dry as possible. Once it is dry, you can go ahead and use wax to shine it. Remember, you can’t apply the wax until the hood is dry. Get hood vent cleaning services today.

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