How Local Garage Door Contractors Can Complete an Installation for You

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In the video above, the reporter demonstrates the installation process of a garage door. The procedure begins with the local garage door contractors installing hinges in the middle of each section, allowing the door to turn in the track on the end. The reporter explains the placement of rollers, brackets, and cables to facilitate the door’s movement.

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Weatherstripping is also added to the bottom of the door for insulation.

The reporter then shows the assembly of panels on the floor against the opening, with a focus on ensuring proper alignment. The track is attached to the frame using lag screws, and adjustments are made to ensure the panels are flush and the track is parallel to the door’s edge. The transition between vertical and horizontal tracks is smoothly executed, demonstrating attention to detail in the installation process.

The final steps involve the installation of springs, emphasizing the importance of safety measures due to the tension they create. The reporter demonstrates attaching safety cables to prevent potential accidents. The tension on the springs is checked to ensure the door operates smoothly. In addition to the installation of springs, the reporter emphasizes the significance of checking tension levels to ensure a smooth and controlled operation of the garage door installation.


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