9 Essential Home Repairs to Prioritize Before the New Year

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As a homeowner, there are so many things to tend to. The year will come to an end soon, so you should start working on any necessary updates. Imagine the feeling that you’ll have as the year comes to an end and your home is as up-to-date as possible. From heating repairs to roofing, here are some areas of your home that have repairs to prioritize.

1. Water Heater

Can you imagine a home without access to hot water? As fall turns into winter, your hot water heater makes sure you always have a hot shower or bath anytime. Not only is hot water essential to cleaning yourself properly, but it also can help soothe and relax tired muscles after you come in from the cold. Imagine the discomfort you and your family would have if your hot water heater were to fail unexpectedly. So don’t wait for hot water heater repair until the last minute.

Even if your water heater doesn’t completely fail, once it becomes faulty, it can still cause several problems. For example, if your water heater isn’t operating as efficiently as possible, it’s going to burn more energy. As it burns more energy, that means an increase in your electric bills. It also increases your carbon footprint on the environment. Even if it continues to heat your water properly, it can result in low water pressure which can make showering or washing your hands take forever. Plus, you may have inconsistent water temperatures, so those hot showers may end up turning cold after a few minutes. If you want to ensure you don’t have to suffer through cold showers or leaks in the winter time, get your water heater checked by a local professional.

2. Roofing

Your roof protects your home from rain, snow, wind, and sun, so it needs to be in good condition. A solid roof means you never have to deal with the elements falling in on you as long as you have roof repair services. With a strong roof, you could also protect the rest of your home. After all, if there are any cracks or vulnerabilities in your roof, it’s easy to have leaks which can cause water damage to your foundation. As a result, your foundation can suffer from wood rot and a rotten foundation can’t properly support your home. Those structural issues can be very expensive to repair and put your family’s safety at risk in the meantime.

When your roof causes water leaks in your home, it further endangers your family’s health due to the presence of mold. It only takes mold 24 to 72 hours to sprout in a wet environment, according to CNET. So if anyone in your home has respiratory problems like asthma, pneumonia, or other lung infections, it can make things worse. Not only can mold create new respiratory problems or exacerbate existing ones, but it can also be toxic as certain mold has been linked to cancer. If you have pets or small children in your home, they may not understand that mold shouldn’t be touched and may end up ingesting it, which can lead to bigger issues.

A roofing professional can quickly spot and handle any cracks, holes, or insulation problems that could lead to other issues. Your roof also plays a role in the energy efficiency of your home. After all, the presence of cracks is not only a vulnerability for water leaks but is just as bad when it comes to air leaks. When there’s heat loss through your roof, it can wreak havoc on your HVAC system as it will have to work overtime. When your HVAC system has to work extra hard to heat or cool your home, it can end up reducing its life expectancy. It also burns more energy, which results in higher electrical bills. Plus, your home simply won’t be as comfortable as it should be when you’re trying to stay warm and snug in winter.

3. Septic Tank

Every time you use the toilet, take a shower, wash your hands, or do laundry, that dirty water goes into your septic tank. So your septic system is responsible for helping to ensure that your home remains sanitary as you always have a spot to deposit dirty water. If you don’t maintain your home with regular septic repairs, it can result in backups, clogs, and nasty odors. That’s why septic issues are repairs to prioritize this year. According to Bob Vila, your septic system should be pumped at least once every three to five years. However, you may need more frequent pumping based on the size of your home and how many people live in it. For example, a retired couple may not have a septic tank filled as quickly as a large family with seven children.

Without timely septic repairs, sewage can become a major hazard for you, your neighbors, and the city. Your drainage field can begin to show signs of overflow by nasty smells or damp areas. If that problem were to continue in a hot area, it could begin to attract vermin such as mosquitoes. After all, according to the CDC, mosquitoes can lay as many as 100 eggs in sitting water at one time. You may also notice extra green patches in the drainage field due to the fertilization from sewage seeping out. If your septic tank becomes punctured in any way, such as from an overgrown tree root, that sewage can link into the ground and into the municipal water supply.

4. Fencing

A quality fence provides security, privacy, and curb appeal for your home, so you want to keep it in good shape. Regarding security, a quality fence is the first step in helping to keep intruders and unwelcome animals off your property. While you should still invest in security cameras and a home alarm system, building a high fence out front can deter intruders from climbing over, especially if you build one as high as the legal limit.

Do you live in an area that has many wild animals? Do neighbors’ pets sometimes get off their leash or escape from their gates? If so, you may want to ensure that your fence repair company checks out your existing fence to make it as secure as possible. After all, you don’t want to be surprised by a bear or have deer eating the efforts that you’ve put into your garden.

Consider the type of material your existing fence is made from. If you have a wooden fence, it’s susceptible to damage from destructive insects like termites and certain ants or beetles. To protect it from weathering or other damage, you may need to have it repainted or stained. You may also decide you want to replace your existing fence to match your home redesign color or changes in your preferred aesthetic.

Don’t forget your fence is a part of your home’s curb appeal. That’s why it’s one of the repairs to prioritize before the end of the year, especially if you plan on selling your home. A broken, sagging, or rotting fence is an eyesore and also can’t properly protect your home.

5. Garage

There are many reasons why your garage should be among repairs to prioritize before the end of the year. A garage is where you store your car and protect it from the elements and theft. It may also be another area for you to use for storage. Some people also use their garage for a workshop and may have valuable tools and other items in there. Call a professional for garage door spring repair so that there won’t be any issues operating your garage door in person or remotely.

When a garage door begins to malfunction, it can be a safety issue for anyone walking through or driving their car out. After all, if the garage door suddenly comes down, it’s very heavy and can cause devastating injuries to humans or cars. Protect yourself from hospital bills, devastating injuries, or car repairs by calling a professional to handle your garage door spring repair.

6. HVAC System

AC repair services are essential to keeping your home comfortable all year. Can you imagine if your HVAC system were to completely shut down in the dead of winter? It’s essential for keeping your home comfortable and healthy throughout the year. Have your HVAC system inspected and serviced at least once a year to ensure its efficiency and safety. Even if you don’t notice any lingering problems, you should call a professional to double check there’s nothing to worry about.

Even if you’ve already had your inspection this year, you may have noticed some other issues pop up since your AC repair services last visited. You may notice poor airflow, strange noises, and higher electrical bills. The HVAC unit has to work harder because it’s beginning to malfunction. It will cause your energy bills to rise. Home energy expenditure can make up about 50% of residential bills.

A malfunctioning HVAC system can also produce carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember, this is a clear and odorless gas that can creep into your home and impede your family’s health. If it reaches higher levels, it can result in fatality. So when it comes to your family’s safety and comfort, your HVAC system should always be among repairs to prioritize before the end of the year.

7. Waterproofing

Do you have basement space that you’re considering finishing? As you dream about finally having a designated office, home gym, entertainment room, or spare bedroom to rent out, you need to ensure your basement is ready enough to truly be an additional living space. The best way to do that is by investing in basement flooding repair services. By adding this part of your home to your repairs to prioritize this year, you can help make your basement more finished and protect the rest of your home from a flood.

Water can seep into your basement or crawl space through cracks in the foundation, walls, or floors, causing flooding, mold growth, and structural damage. Waterproofing professionals seal any cracks or holes. They can install a drainage system and a sump pump in your basement or crawl space. When you prevent water damage in any part of your home, you’re also improving the overall air quality and health of your family. By not providing a breeding ground for mold you can keep your family’s respiratory health intact.

8. Foundation Reinforcement

You can’t have a livable home if you don’t have a strong foundation. Regardless of what other materials you have in your home, ranging from wood to stone to brick to glass, it is your wood foundation that keeps everything held up. Compare a house foundation to your skeleton as it supports the weight and stability of your home. Therefore, if it’s weakened, it can be a safety hazard as a wall or ceiling can cave in on anyone inside. So when it comes to repairs to prioritize safety, don’t hesitate to have a contractor check for foundation crack repairs immediately.

9. Plumbing Network

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider plumbing as part of your repairs to prioritize before the end of the year. Your plumbing ushers water to and from your home, so you always have a source of H2O for washing, flushing, drinking, and cooking. Problems with your overall plumbing system can include slow drains, low water pressure, clogs, dripping faucets, and leaks. You may notice gurgling sounds in drains or dark stains on walls or ceilings from a cracked pipe that is now leaking.

As you can see from this blog post, there are many repairs to prioritize as a responsible homeowner before the year ends. By taking care of these repairs, you can improve the comfort, safety, and value of your home. Remember, your home is your castle, and it’s likely your largest investment. So take comfort as you end the year and begin a new one by ensuring your home is well protected by utilizing the right repairs. Hopefully, this guide has helped you and you can continue to have a bright new year!


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