Updating Cabinet Hardware

Any easy way to update your cabinets and cupboards is to replace aging drawer and door pulls with new, more up-to-date hardware. It’s a simple task that can be completed with nothing more than a screwdriver and a bit of patience.


The biggest key to a successful cabinet hardware update is getting the size pulls. Thankfully, ensuring that you purchase the right hardware is fairly easy. The first step, for hardware that utilizes two mounting points, is to carefully measure the distance between the mounting screws. Measure from the center of one screw to the center of the other screw as demonstrated in the photo below.


Some doors and drawers utilize pulls that mount with only one screw. There’s almost no way to get the wrong hardware for single-pull doors and drawers unless the diameter of the mounting screw is too large (or, rarely, too small). It’s easy to remove one of the pulls and take it with you to the store to ensure a good fit.
Once you’ve found a style of pull that you like, check your measurements, purchase enough for all your doors and drawers and maybe pick up a battery-powered screw driver in the tool aisle to save cramping in your forearm.

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