Severe Weather Safety

One of the many things that sets Handyman Joes apart from our competitors is our focus on safety and security. We offer surveillance system installation as well as a number of other home safety and security projects and products.

As spring progresses, severe weather is always a concern in our area. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail … Nebraska and Iowa have it all when it comes to severe weather.

What you can do before severe weather strikes:

  1. Develop a disaster plan for you and your family at home, work, school and when outdoors. The American Red Cross offers planning tips and information to aid in the development of a disaster supply kit at:
  2. Identify a safe place to take shelter. Information on how to build a Safe Room in your home is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency at:
  3. Know the county in which you live and in what part of that county your are located. The National Weather Service issues severe weather warnings on a county/parish basis, or for a portion of a county or parish.
  4. Keep a highway map nearby to follow storm movement provided in weather bulletins.
  5. Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards receiver with a warning alarm tone and battery backup or subscribe to a notification service on your mobile phone to receive warning bulletins.
  6. Monitor National Weather Service watches and warnings on the Internet at
  7. Listen to commercial radio or television for weather information.
  8. Check the weather forecast before leaving for extended periods outdoors. Watch the sky for signs of approaching storms.
  9. If severe weather threatens, check on friends and family who are elderly, very young or physically or mentally disabled. Don’t forget about pets and livestock.